Hal Elrod – guest post (sort of)

Per this blog’s editorial calendar, Wednesdays feature a guest post.


My week was so whackadoodle ~ & I am still such an editorial calendar fledgling ~ I flat out blew it. Never lined up a 09/06/17 guest blogger.

To keep the spirit if not the letter of my intent, am linking to an article about a FUTURE guest blogger – HAL  ELROD.

Hal’s MIRACLE MORNING books are must-reads for any age (yep, there’s one for parents & families!).  His The Miracle Morning for Writers  whipped mine into shape, something DECADES of purportedly  “determined” attempts failed to accomplish.

Here’s the  4/23/15  SUCCESS  article ~ Technically, Hal Elrod Has Died 3 Times ~ capturing how he helps others,  whatever their level of accomplishment,  more fully persist & achieve.  Great read, even better DO!

Oh, Hal…  if you’re reading this – I’d be deeeelighted to team up with you on The Miracle Morning for Elders  ’cause  gray IS the new green!