2-timin’ Willie Nelson

No, HE’s not 2-timing ~ here’s just two times he’s gotten dandy press coverage for his still roaring career.  At 84!

First, a Daily Beast post from March about the scheduled drop of a new album, God’s Problem Child. ~ to quote Rolling Stone, “Listening to a new Willie Nelson album with a set of fresh ears is almost impossible to do in 2017 – and Nelson knows it. Hovering over all news regarding the Red Headed Stranger are worries about the health of the country icon, who turns 84 on April 29th. So he decided to make the elephant in the room – his own mortality – the focal point of his new LP, God’s Problem Child**.”

Now, he’s back on the press circuit, promoting an album – Willie Nelson & the Boys – made with his 20-something sons, Lucas & Michal, due out on 10/20/17.  So Daily Beast dropped a video of the three of them discussing music & performing Send Me The Pillow You Dream On.

Willie Nelson – 84 & going strong… with a little support from his boys.  Speaks (sings?) volumes!


**I did the best I could do
Or the best I could tell
The higher I flew, the farther I fell
Born in the mud,
Raised in the wild
Washed in the blood,
God’s Problem Child
I feel the shine, following me
Not far behind, that’s where I wanna be
A little out of town, fine by me
Darkness may fall
We still got a light
Keeping us all
Safe through the night
Heaven must love
God’s problem child
Heaven must love
God’s problem child
Heaven must love
God’s problem child

First the Pain, Then the Rising – Glennon Melton Doyle

It was my blessing to be introduced last year – right around this time – to Glennon without knowing anything about her history, to read Love Warrior on the heels of Carry On, Warrior.

If you don’t know Glennon, don’t take my route – jump right in, with this wonderful video, First the Pain, Then the Rising.



SYNTHESIZER – an electronic musical instrument, typically operated by a keyboard, producing a wide variety of sounds by generating and combining signals of different frequencies.

Let’s tweak that – a synthesizer is someone operated by a set of values & a brace of visions which produce a wide range of energies allowing them to generate combine manifest an abundance of wonders.

That works for me.

Up to middish July 2017, my life was spent accumulating (knowledge, awareness, skills & graces); doing a lot of pondering on purpose; reaching & extending.  Near the end of July, my life swung out of there into here – where I’ve stepped away from accumulating new to a state of synthesizing what I already have.

For example – I am seriously struggling to find income-producing work, so am hunkering down for the next weeks with three books:  Todd Henry’s DIE EMPTY, Darren Hardy’s THE COMPOUND EFFECT, Karen Sands” THE AGELESS WAY.  It is my sense that those three – already read, pointing in the direction I want to be fully headed – will put me in a setting for new awareness around money, around what I do best, on being valued for what I offer.

Taking what I have & focusing it on small, repetitive steps that lead to a panoply of fabulous stand-alone & progressive goals ~AND~ not taking the dork steps that draw me farther & farther away from that goal – that is Step One of my synthesizing NOW.

THIS is what everything has been about, always & forever.

I can’t put into words what wants to be said – I don’t talk speak Spirit proficiently. Synthesizing is EVERYTHING, it always has been.  Taking what we have & serving it for a grand purpose, a greater good.  From Day One.  To forever.

TONCHE – Mindwalker1910 10/30/00

Mom’s participation in the Tonche Women’s Weekend was a high point of her closing years & a high-water mark for showing her at her most KRL-ish.  By the next October – 2001 – she was gone, reunited with her O! Best Beloved.

Subj: Tonche
Date: Mon Oct 30 08:32:43 EST 2000

Almost a month without a posting from me. All is well. In fact, all is beyond the beyond. I think that the reason I haven’t written is because words are inadequate to describe what I have experienced this month.

Miracles do happen.

Earlier this month, I attended the Women’s Weekend at Tonche (outside of Woodstock, NY. I wanted to go last year, had planned on going, but could not make it because I was still recuperating from my “episode.”

This year, I got there.

It is awful, the way that words fail me when I am most deeply, deeply moved. My vocabulary does not include the words to describe what I saw and felt over that remarkable weekend. I felt totally wrapped up in love.

It was a weekend filled with old and new friends, renewed energies, and an unexpected chance to get in a good visit with my older daughter, Mim. I do not know which of us was more surprised to see the other person there! My age made it almost unthinkable that I would actually get there and keep going under my own steam for the whole time; Mim’s lack of transportation and own physical challenges make it equally challenging for her. What a blessing that we both overcame any obstacles to be there, in the heart of caring women.

Elsa was informed right off the bat by Deanna Nelson Odhner that she and the others would take care of me over the weekend. I felt like a mountain woman version of the Queen of Sheba, with my every wish and want taken care of. So much love, wonderful homemade food AND a view of the Catskills that would knock your socks off.

The one thing that I am going to share is a realization that came during ”sharing” time with the small circle of women I met with in the morning and evening. I had, over the two days, discussed bits and pieces of my life. I think it was on the second evening – or maybe it was on the last morning – that I mentioned that life had been easy on me. One of the young woman looked at me in disbelief and blurted out, “Mrs. Lockhart, from what you’ve described, your life has been anything but easy!” That got me thinking – it feels like the right word to describe my life is “easy,” but I can see what she meant. Perhaps “fortunate” is better.

One of the key blessings to come out of the weekend has been the gift of seeing things in a new light, with a richer awareness and a deeper appreciation. For 2 ½ days, I basked in the happiness of being there with both of my daughters. I developed new friendships, especially with Julie Conaron, and increased the depth of old ones, particularly with Deanna.

I was up every morning bright and early and down to Danna’s house in plenty of time for breakfast, and I stayed up until the end of each program/discussion group. I felt strong mentally, spiritually and physically.

I said I was going to go and I went!

If only I could share all that was in my heart, all the images in my mind – what a glorious posting this would be!

Love to one and all, especially to my fellow mountain women – The Queen of Sheba (aka Grammie)