Day 1, Session 2 ~ ~ Sage-ing Inter’l Conf

More tough choices for the Sage-ing International Global Conference afternoon workshops, especially with Philadelphia’s own Lynn Iser co-presenting Exploring the Moral Voice of an Elder.

Friday, October 26, 3:00 – 4:30 p.m.:

  • Introduction to the new “Heart of Aging” curriculum
  • Older Workers Rock: Be the Sage in the Workplace
  • Older Women’s Legacy Circle: A Life Review and Memoir Program 
  • Exploring the Moral Voice of an Elder


Spiritual Eldering  – deepening inner richness, self-development, and spiritual growth as sages in a world greatly in need of benefiting from our elder wisdom.

Holistic Aging – expanding physical, mental, spiritual and emotional potential to create a high quality of life in order to best maintain our passionate commitment in transforming our personal lives and the world.

Sacred Activism – taking a stand through voice, action, service and practice to create greater good for our families, communities, global neighbors, and our planet.

Transformative Narrative – claiming our voices by learning from past stories, garnering insights in the present, and activating a transformative and affirmative new narrative for our significant futures and for rising generations/

Day 1, Session 1 – con’t (Sage-ing Int’l Conf)

More tough choices in the continuation of offerings at October’s Sage-ing International Global Conference (Oct 25-28), Session 1, Day 1 –

  •  Expressing Our Unique Voices to Transform Our World 
  • Working Creatively after Midlife as A Path to Transformation 
  • Awaken Intuition and Access Inner Wisdom Using SoulCollage® 
  • Growing Boldly-with Gratitude, Gusto, Grit, and Grace 

Each resonates – which ONE calls?

They all hum to my heart, but the last SINGS to my soul of the work that beckons shouts browbeats – – What does it take to grow boldly? Standing at the crossroads of here and now, this workshop provides an opportunity to look back over what brought you to this time and place while also looking to the future with hope and determination. This workshop focuses on recognizing our capacity to continue to structure our lives in ways we consider significant, seeing each new day as a gift and an opportunity to live in ways that are meaningful, purposeful, joyful, and fulfilling.

Sage-ing Inter’l Conference ~ ~ a dream is a wish your heart makes

The best of times, the worst of times – – heartbroken that the National Center for Creative Aging Conference, scheduled to be held in Philadelphia the last weekend in October, is cancelled.  DETERMINED to get myself out to Sage-ing International’s conference that weekend, out in Minnesota!  Crazy dream, but am going for it!!  Sharing over this coming week my reasons why.

Day One, Session 1 – pick ONE:

1) Spiritual Eldering in Action through Intergenerational Play 

2) The Circle Way: A Transformative Process for Deepening Sacred Experience

3) Empowered Elders Reconnecting for the Earth

4) Reviewing Your Unlived Life

5) Listening is an Act of Love: Senior Voices and Legacy Creation

6) The Divine Human in a Divine World: The Final Transformation of Sacred

7) Finding Peace: Healing Your Family Soul

8) Family Conversations: Giving Elders a Voice at the Table


Pick ONE?  How will I choose between 1, 2, 5, 7,8 ?!!

Need a cadre of Bryn Athyn care partners with me!