Two movies for Veterans Day – night capper

For two truly great films that capture the beginning & the end of World War II, that do full honors & respect those who served, don’t miss 1945’s  They Were Expendable and 1946’s The Best Years of Our Lives.

Light years apart in what they cover, the two films are similar in their lack of any Hollywood glamor, in their depiction of courage without glorifying it & the sense of brotherhood that builds between those who serve, whether they’ve been together for years or when all they have in common is a flight back home.

For a film that both wrenches & warms the heart, is bleak & yet gives great hope, check out 1948’s The Search, filmed on location in post-war Germany.

These are the three films that if I’d have used if I’d ever taught 20th century history.  Three pictures that speak millions of words.


Richard Address/Rick Moody – night capper

Oh my gosh – haven’t posted a night capper for DAYS!  Making up for it with a flourish, posting a radio discussion between two men who have my respect & admiration – Rabbi Richard Address & Dr. Harry “Rick” Moody.  Totally worth your listen!

Check out Rabbi Address’ weekly radio show  at blogtalkradio/jewishsacredaging – Tuesday mornings, 11:00 a.m.

Getting Moody – night capper

I’ve longed to attend the biennial Sage-ing Conference in Loveland, CO.  Am proud that I was able to underwrite attending three conferences & one workshop last year, but they were all within a 5-hour drive from Squirrel Haven.  Colorado was an air fare too far.

However, I did have the honor of meeting H.R. “Rick” Moody at the Positive Aging Conference, a connection deepened this past July at the one & only 2017 event I attended –  six (6!) days long & in San Francisco!  It was through reconnecting with Rick at – one of the truly voices in the Conscious Aging movement – at the IAGG that I connected with the Positive Aging group in Philadelphia.

It’s a pleasure to share a taste of the funny & wise Rick Moody!

Alas, like the last video of Reb Zalman, the YouTube link ismessed up.  Trust me that doing a search for RICK MOODY – 2010 Sage-ing Conference is well worth 6+ minutes.