the place of the unified field

Snippets from Joe Dispenza’s Becoming Supernatural:

“All possibilities in the quantum field exist in the present moment as electromagnetic potentials – the generous present moment.”

“…You relax & allow a greater mind – the consciousness of the unified field – to organize an event that is right for you. You essentially get out of the way. ”

“In this place of the unified field, you’re actually becoming aware of what already exists & you’re bringing it to life with your attention & your intention. Here, you csn be a genius. You can be abundant. You can be healthy. You can be wealthy. You can have a mystical experience. You can create a new job. You can resolve a problem in your life.” ~ ~ Because, on the quantum level, they’re already reality, even when life seems its most sucko.

“If you’re unified with the consciousness & the energy of every body, every one, every thing, every place, and every time within a vast unified field of potentials, then observing a potential  in the quantum is just like becoming aware of your hand in the physical world – you’re already connected to it; it already exists.”

These snippets speak to me. Smiling with the sweet irony that I expected to be this HUGE influence in my Keet’s spiritual life – who, unlike me, wasn’t raised with a strong faith life – yet it’s he who’s profoundly transformed mine. Not flipping or shifting;  deepening & expanding.

So much in Becoming Supernatural reminds me of things John says observes ponders. Reading it feels like a homecoming ~ to a husband I didn’t fathom, a now I barely imagined. Our love is the most unified part, the most unifying energy, of my unified field.


Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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