A triquetra, or Trinity Knot,is a beautiful Celtic design of three interconnecting arcs that share a common central space.  Although it was used by Celtic Christians to symbolize the trinity, it significantly predates (500 BC!) Christianity. It has special importance as we approach Easter.

We used it last week as part of a Children’s Gathering Lenten project – fascinating how all of the children were immediately engaged by the design & enjoyed coloring in its different variations.

My thoughts were turned to the triquetra this a.m., reading Jen Sincero’s blurs on today’s page-a-day calendar, where she notes, “Good old awareness is your key to freedom. Once you realize that you can dramatically improve your situation by connecting with Source Energy and raising your frequency, you can frwkin’ do it already instead of opting to stay in the suck hole and feeling like a victim of pathetic circumstances.”

It was a sweet butt kick reminder of my very own triquetra of thought influencers, inner work movers & doers – – Jen, Joe & Mark. Jen Sincero, Joe Dispenza & Mark Nepo. Aka You Are a Badass page-a-day calendar 2019, Becoming Supernatural & More Together Than Alone. 

The three, which I am reading at this time, interconnect. Like the arcs in the triquetra, each is its own unique entity, but each brings a common something that creates a shared space for those open to experiencing it, a common nurturing ground – the generous present moment.

FACT: I believe in magic, defined as life working as it was created, which happens so rarely, it’s considered unnatural. The right word for life working as The Creator intended is supernatural – it is super & it’s natural!

Definitely gives me deep goosebumps how the three sources overlap to form a beautiful whole – Joe is not Mark is not Jen, but the three clarify & intensify the others’ voices.

Mere happenstance that I am connecting with all three at this moment? I think not! My thanks to an always generous, awake aware active Universe for such a rock ’em sock ’em trio  – mynpersonal triquetra  – infilling expanding energizing this here & now!

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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