the sweet spot of the generous present moment

One of those life altering moments arrived quietly this a.m., calmly alighting out of the blue, changing EVERYTHING. Not a dramatic upsetting of an archaic apple cart or rejiggering of reality, just a peaceful slide closer to wholeness.

Two friends, both exceptional & successful writers, urged me to open up to my writing gifts & graces, to build a client base editing & helping people speak more fully in their unique voice, which has long been a very real & personally dismissed talent of mine.

Their tag team urging arrived on the heels – the next day! – of my announcing beginning work on Miz Deevious, my account of savoring a remarkably rich life in spite of being a very poor woman. It was as if last night’s post became a dividing point, between the me that was still connected to, slighted by the past -and- someone centered in what Joe Dispenza tags “the sweet spot of the generous present moment,” hallmarked by simply stepping out of my own way.

As I read – was it just last night?! – in Becoming Supernatural, “As you become pure conciousness, pure awareness, & change your brain waves from beta the alpha & even to theta, the autonomic nervous system – which knows how to heal your body much better than your conscious mind does – steps in & finally has the opportunity to clean house. That’s what creates brain coherence.”

This morning, I read the “You go girl!” comments from two highly respected admired beloved friends. A scant hour later, having completely forgotten what I’d read less than twelve hours before, I cracked open Becoming… & was gobswoggled to read:  “If in this state you are no longer reaffirming the known ~ your same life ~ and instead you keep investing your energy into the unknown (as you would invest money in a bank account), then you are able to create new, unknown possibilities in your life. Just as the material electron expands back to immaterial energy in the quantum field once scientists stop observing it, when you no longer observe your pain, your routine life, and your problems, they will return back into energy – and into an infinite number of possibilities, into pure potential. Only once you are truly present in this potent place beyond this space & time – the place from where all material things come – can you begin to create real change.”

It felt downright Harry Potterish, as if some wizardy hand had scribed those words just for me!

When the disciple is ready, the master will arrive ~ ~ When the spirit is primed, the sweet spot of the generous present moment will open.

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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