Miz Deevious – the very rich life of a very poor woman

It was the leaking pipe that started dribbling & drenching a corner of the basement – again – on Thursday (& we can’t get fixed until the affordable plumber is available sometime in the coming week) that sent me over the edge & soaring into flights of ideas. It’s when my book – Miz Deevious, the very rich life of a very poor woman – took full root in my mind; that was when it hit me that most people who are financially stable have no idea of the costly realities of being chronically on a short financial leash -and- I’m the one to address it since my life is rich even though my income streams have currently gone dry. Praise be for Social Security, but the challenges we face daunt folks far younger than us, who don’t have that safety net to lend a hand.

Forty years ago, I was happy as a clam, doing the work that had beckoned me since 7th Grade – by now, I expected to be a teaching elder, looking down the road a few years to retirement. Not to be.

Thirty years ago, I found an unexpected niche at Prudential Healthcare, as a writer & marketing professional. Everyone knew that you had it made once you nailed a job at Pru – could practically plan your retirement party way down the road. Except not.

Twenty years ago, garnered employee of the year honors at BISYS Financial Services, the person execs turned to when a client group started talking about leaving. Apparently not as irreplaceable as I thought.

Someone recently asked me, “WHY are you poor?” I answered, “That’s a question for the ages.”

There have been three times in my life when it like like my career path would take me to retirement – all came to naught, although what was learned in each is still very much with me.

Why am I poor? Better yet, can I turn things around so I have work that matters, that makes a difference, provides a dandy income? Am I willing to move beyond “very poor woman” to financially stronger & fiscally fit? YES! And big a part of getting there includes giving a tip of the hat to those who got me here – the former selves who sought beauty in ashes,  gladness instead of moping, praise in place of despair. Who helped place my feet firmly enough on solid ground to take glorious quantum leaps to new places, inward & outward. A tribute to all the wonders that led to this most wondrous time.


Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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