For almost forty-one years, I was on an active quest for the sense of alignment that seemed missing in my life.  It still amazes that the final click to feeling a sense of the elusive IT, a feeling of homecoming town inner place I’d never been but always knew was waiting, was so clear & strong. The end of July 2017 was when I first felt a beautifully defined,  wondrous sense of my different selves lined up in a WOW whole.

Instead of sending me along on my celebrating way, the Universe took me aside, draped its ever-lovin’ arms around my shoulders & confided, “Now, the real work starts.” Okay, not literally – the Universe doesn’t have arms, but you get the picture.

To be honest, over the subsequent five years, I’ve often felt like Sam Beckett in the last episode of Quantum Leap, when – Spoiler Alert! – he discovers his next leaps will be more difficult. Turns out those forty-plus years were my training ground for deeper, richer work. Where once I sought alignment integrity authenticity, now I seek coherence. Brain coherence. Heart coherence.

Bringing my subdivided brain into a whole-brain state is my current grand task, the different neural communities coalescing into greater communities – synchronizing, organizing, integrating. As Joe Dispenza writes in Becoming Supernatural, “Once your brain gets coherent, you get coherent. When it gets orderly, you get orderly; when it works well. You work well. In short, when it functions more holistically, you feel more whole.”

And that’s just briefly considering the brain – was introduced to the power of of heart coherence at my very first conference, 2014”s  Leading To Well-Being Conference, where Rolin McCratyblew my socks off by praising me – ME! –  with “Stars to you!”,

Am I feeling let down that the end of one long road turns out to be the start of a new, more difficult path? Nope – it’s goosebump time! Brain coherence, heart coherence,  life coherence – – the quest continues, deeper richer boldet.

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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