Lesson learned – Amory, expressing thanks

Losing Amory, aka The Best Cat In The Universe, just over a year after he swooped into our lives & absconded with our hearts (including Chessie’s), taught me the importance of telling those who matter most to me how much they mean, how priceless they are to me. It felt, after he was gone, that I didn’t say it anywhere near as much as I could have.

Saying it mattered squat to Amory – words were just so many sounds, while he knew our feelings, heart to heart. It mattered to me. I made sure to tell & show Chessie & all our kitties how much each one has enriched my life. Alpha’s quiet reflective ways won our hearts, Chessie was snug in knowing we held her to be queen of the kitties, Gryf was my Boy of Boys – my heart is made for red fur due to that marmalade tabby, Rennie was the glue that made the cats into a clan, Lakota’s deeply spiritual aura left us in awe. When they slipped from us, I had an album of moments of gratitude with each. That matters to me.

Sky has a suspicious looking growth that gives me great pause. The earliest we can get an appointment at the vet is 1:30 p.m., Monday. He is, by all informed guesses, far & away our oldest cat, supposedly ten years old when he came into our care in spring 2008. For years, we have kidded him with taunts of “Don’t you know you are an OLD kitty?” as he leapt up onto the island or hustled up the steps to our bedroom or MEOWED with a vibrato worthy of a tiger, not a wee small black cat.

Max, our Furever Kitten, officially the oldest of the cats, since we know when he was born – 14 years ago this month – is dropping weight, is a bit lower, more mellow. That could be due to age, or something more serious.

Whatever happens with Sky or Max or any of our dear kitties, each is told on a regular basis how much s/he means to us & why.

Six weeks before my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer, I took the opportunity to tell one of his good male friends – who was waiting with me for Papa to pick me up from a holiday party – how much my father meant to me. Was grateful for havkiing done taken that moment to say something, to express appreciation – such opportunities can slip by too easily.

Humans or cats, loved ones can never be told too many times how much we care.  A priceless lesson I learned from The Best Cat In The Universe.

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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