Bryan, my Very Godsend

Fairy godmothers are all well & good in fairy tales, but in this here & now real deal, there’s nothing as bodaciously empowering as a Very Godsend. My friend, Bryan, is the most recent – and spectacularly POWerful – to be plunked down in my life, providing awesome tools to transform each moment into fantastic. All without a magic wand. Like all the rest, his caring heart makes the magic happen.

Most of the Very Godsends in my life come & go without ever being seen, recognized, which never bothers them because they are not in it for honor, glory or gain. Most are never even aware of the changes they wrought or the blessings left in their wake, never aware of being a Very Godsend.

My thoughts go to my earliest KNOWN Very Godsend, Kenneth Stroh, who asked a core question when I was seven – transformative as much for the asking as for the actual inquiry:  it might have been the very first genuinely interested in my thoughts question ever asked, coming as I did from a solidly NON-inquisitive family.

Next up, the first Very Godsend that was obvious from the start – Emolie Kessler Asplundh. Something in me caught Emilie’s eye. She was the director of my high school production of The Gondoliers, I was one of many Venetian maidens in the large chorus. Emilie took me under her wing, having me to her house for tea & chats, sending wondrous Christmas presents that spoke a more sophisticated me. Twenty years after our first cuppa, a nosegay of flowers from her greenhouse crowned my wedding cake.

For years, I’ve tussled with how to approach writing the book that keeps yammering to be written. Setting out to share thoughts on Bryan – will get to him – got me thinking about all the improbables, the out-of-the-blue people who set my life on its ear in most wondrous ways, who flipped switches or greased grooves. Who opened my mind to see awe. Very Godsends.

Darn good book material – positive, real, forward moving. It ould open others to realizing & offering thanks for their own Very Godsends, seen & un.

Onto Bryan. The first time I was aware of Bryan, it was a glorious spring day.  He was sitting outside my beloved Be Well cafe, working on his laptop. Something about him snagged my attention. I made so bold as to stop by his table & open a conversation. The first words he spoke, the gleam in his eyes, the vibes that pinged around him – he drew me in his orbit & am happily still there.

Bryan, a serial entrepreneur/socialpreneur, hung out at Be Well while his home office was revamped & renovated. He’s rarely there these days – haven’t set eyes on him in weeks. The last time I caught a few words, he was about to meet another hustle bustle business brain. Am forever grateful for the months that Bryan was down the counter from me!

As with most people who became friends with me, my first thought was how generous he was to share time with me. Shook me up, realizing at 66 that was still my default. Yet Bryan was clear that he dree something important from our talks. What an indescribable blessing, knowing in my bones that someone with an intriguing mind found ME engaging.

While some people dream of giving a talk on the main TED stage, my dream, from its first gathering, has been to regularly attend the Aspen Ideas Festival ~ ~ Bryan has worked with The Aspen Institute. I crafted a unit on the Nobel Prize to teach my at-risk high school students about the breath of science ~ ~ Bryan was part of the recent World Summit of Nobel Peace Prize Laureates. Spooky wonderful.

Like Emilie, like my friends Dave & Candy & Janie, Bryan sees someone in me, an aspect of myself  that’s eluded my own awareness.  Unlike most, Bryan GOT how it eludes me, shared tools he thought might lead to my great unleashing.  Put them right in my hands.

Bryan isn’t at Be Well like he was. He’s barely there at all. I miss our talks, miss how deeply massaged my brain is engaging with him, blessed by how he helped me STOP assuming others find me all bluster & no brilliance.  He jogged the great aha that change happens with clear focus AND elevated emotion; that the drag on crafting lasting productive change is due to more than the sweet familiarity of limited & limiting old ways, that it’s tightly tied to body-mind imbalance, & how to bring that right.

My dearest deepest clearest hope is that Bryan is my tipping point, the Very Godsend who, standing shoulder to shoulder with all the rest, accomplishes the great unleashing.  He’s done his invaluable bit, as all the others have & continue to do theirs.

The one question left to be determined – will I do mine?


Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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