Till there was you

There have been key moments of my adult life when it seemed my energy level shifted & a fresh, different, more ME experience flowed into being. When I fell for John, when Mom reunited with her O Best Beloved, when Mim slipped from us, when I saw “We do family,” when I read The Greatest Salesman in the World (one chapter a month, read multi-times a day).

Without realizing it, in each of those situations, a clear intention paired with at least one elevated emotion to create a freshly cleared pathway welcoming different genuine bodacious.

John was the kick off. I chalked it up to his eyes being the first in which I could see a best self I’d never suspected. Well, a dozen pages into Joe Dispenza’s just published, Becoming Supernatural, things looked different.  See, John completely set my world on its ear. My desire for a wedding that HE (who wanted just a small ceremony, with our mothers our sole  witnesses) enjoyed was my #1 goal – a clear intention teamed with an elevated emotion. Success unexpected in common hours –  John had a ball!

Each point in time where I made quantum leaps forward teamed a clear intention with an elevated emotion.  But it all started – and continues – with my Keet. For thirty years, my intentions within & for our relationship have changed, but each always pairs with an elevated positive emotion, which is why our marriage continues to grow & deepen. The stress & distress are teensy compared to the commitment & hope. From Day One, our love has been both super AND natural.

Beloved – there were bells on the hills, but I never heard them ringing till there was you.

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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