Returned, refreshed & renewed

Today, I was one of a circle of incredible women. Shook me to realize that each probably thought much the same. To them, I wasn’t out of place – I was there.

Mind you, I was brought up short by the exercises. Felt constrained, stilted, artificial working through them, as if someone was peering over my shoulder. Felt off-key, off-kilter… OFF.

After the workshop, after feeling out of place & disconnected, I heard Jane Kerschner’s voice telling me, in her straightforward way, that when I do things then I am doing them MY way.  And I knew in that moment that my 5-year ~ or 3 year or 1 year or 1 day ~ goal is not to feel multi-dimensional. My right-now reality is that I am.

Lean into it, celebrate it, express it in as many ways as yammer to be brought up & out. No more Wonder Woman wearing too-tight tights.

Over the past five years, I’ve discovered ways of living that work super well for me, perspectives that enlighten, attitudes that pair joy & accomplishment. Bring them front & center, set them in motion, leaving no room for gunk that holds back, limits, restrains.

If living in survival is living in stress, I am modeling how living in tranquility is living in JOY.  Fill the rest of my days with things that bring a sense of exhilaration & love & giddy happiness. Let the multi-dimensional shimmer & shine, unleashed fearless bold.

I went to the 90-minute workshop out of curiosity; throughout it, felt penned in; came home refreshed, renewed & ready to roar.

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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