Yeah, but… – questioning Jen

Gotta build off Jen Sincero’s words for the day, 11/27 – – “By being inquisitive about, instead of a slave to, your reactions to other people, you get the double whammy bonus of not only setting yourself up to forgive them much more easily (because you realize that it’s really about you, not them), but you receive the great gift of being enlightened to some of your own not-so-special traits so you can grow & learn from them.”

Yeah, and there sometimes comes the day when you realize that ~ try as you might & as much as you avoid putting interpretations on things, realizing that you just don’t know what’s actually going on & accepting that probably no one else does either ~ certain situations people relationships are just plain toxic & the thing you’ve been carefully tending & loving & propping up is a dead & long-gone corpse of something that was once alive & flourishing, yet is no more.

The core problem of keeping something toxic in your life is that it tends to poison everything.  It compromises the emotional immunization system, which can then attack the spiritual system, inflicting gruesomely damaging pain.  Ask any bacteriologist – – holding onto something dead is NOT GOOD for anyone.

So, yes – – it’s essential that we stay inquisitiveabout our emotional reactions to others, but comes the day with some folks or situations where the answer to that inquiry is, “It’s time  to walk away or risk far worse to come.”  Sometimes the light that dawns tells us that this is not a place time person from which we can learn anything except how to say goodbye.


Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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