Beauty is not frivolous

Early this year, on the TED Talk Stage, the great creative, Renzo Piano, noted near the end of his presentation on architecture, “Beauty is not a frivolous idea.  It is the opposite”  Amen!

He went onto note how, in many languages including his own Italian, the word beautiful also means good. Many times, I’ve heard it used to describe a job well done, an exceptionally good effort, even a particularly tasty morsel.

The massively gifted architect talks about how the universal concept of BEAUTY can change the world.  A searching for desire & dreams.  I love how he talks about experiencing beauty, that it brings a special light to our eyes- – to our heart, to our being.

Beautiful architecture makes for better cities, which helps make for better citizens.  And savoring a universal sense of beauty CAN save the world, one person at a time.  But it has to BE there.

Think of places designed for “elder care” that have little beauty about them.  Beauty of place has little to do with prints on walls in the foyer & public places.  All too often, the beauty that existed when a continuous care residence first opened vanishes as demand drives expansion that disrupts the original carefully designed lines, gobbles up open spaces & woodlands, a beauty that is hard to achieve in the small apartment that replaced the family home.

How do we bring beauty into the lives of people confined to rooms & limited spaces, who are restricted by a crumbling body or mind from seeking beauty in nature & places beyond home or residence or facility?  Universal beauty WILL save the world & can save our lives, the lives of those we love & those in our care.  How does that look & feel?

Beauty is not a frivolous idea – it is quite the opposite.  What can we do to bring more beauty to those around us, to ourself?  How can we help make the lives of those in our loving orbit & tender care not only safe & secure, but bella?

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Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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