Better life, new reality

My Analog Summer has been extended, maybe to forever.  I like the changes that came with not having a smart phone -or- a tablet -or- a laptop -or- any sort of digital device in the house.  If I’m online, you know that I’m at the library.

Yes, I will be getting a phone – but one that takes calls & texts, nothing more.  I do have a tablet, purchased from a friend getting a bigger better bolder version,  but it is on lock down.  Instead of “sunsetting” my digital device as some do – giving them a calmer, quieter evening – I keep mine virtually mothballed for the day, checking it on the hour rather than reacting to ITs electronic beck & call.

I know how malleable our brains are & how easily affected they are by the digital rerouting of the electronics that have become super glued to so many hands.  I opted out for the summer & now for the foreseeable future.  I like my brain circuits just the way they are.  I like to use electronic devices as tools, I am delighted with how powerfully teamed they’ve been this summer with my head heart soul – happy to be friends, rather than the masters.

All of my life has been about finding alignment, balance.  Thanks to my Analog Summer, waved off getting caught in the flummox of alternating between focused & scattered, focused/scattered – aka the natural state of the human mind on a digital feast.  Opted for a returned to my old ways with a soupcon of online.  A new way, a better life.

Feels GREAT!

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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