Day 1, Session 2 ~ ~ Sage-ing Inter’l Conf

More tough choices for the Sage-ing International Global Conference afternoon workshops, especially with Philadelphia’s own Lynn Iser co-presenting Exploring the Moral Voice of an Elder.

Friday, October 26, 3:00 – 4:30 p.m.:

  • Introduction to the new “Heart of Aging” curriculum
  • Older Workers Rock: Be the Sage in the Workplace
  • Older Women’s Legacy Circle: A Life Review and Memoir Program 
  • Exploring the Moral Voice of an Elder


Spiritual Eldering  – deepening inner richness, self-development, and spiritual growth as sages in a world greatly in need of benefiting from our elder wisdom.

Holistic Aging – expanding physical, mental, spiritual and emotional potential to create a high quality of life in order to best maintain our passionate commitment in transforming our personal lives and the world.

Sacred Activism – taking a stand through voice, action, service and practice to create greater good for our families, communities, global neighbors, and our planet.

Transformative Narrative – claiming our voices by learning from past stories, garnering insights in the present, and activating a transformative and affirmative new narrative for our significant futures and for rising generations/

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