Hitching my star to a soapbox

It shakes me, seeing how every age of human within this wildly spiraling era are finding themselves beset with the crazies & unable to unclench themselves from its clutches.  We need to hit pause.  Not pause & rewind.  Being retrogressive has always ended up in even bigger messes.  Moving forward with intent, awareness, an appreciation of the ends that result from the means in our lives.  We need to stop doing things that do harm but tantalize because they make lives easier.  Convenience has trumped sensibility for way too long.

From atop my soapbox, it looks like a wise course of action is to slow down.  Countless people know in their bones that things are a mess as they are, but it’s easier to be sped along as part of the wild rumpus than put on the brakes.

I am going to do my bit by doing the tangible things I can – writing up four proposals for community-centered, connection-building events designed to draw people together in fun & soul-satisfying ways.  To pull out my soapbox & ask some youngers to join me in cupcaking & cooking & crafting – – communicating through creativity.

Enough with the talk – on with the do!


Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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