I bungled my wording!

Oh, drat!  It just hit me that I’ve been using entirely the WRONG wording in making requests of myself & of the Universe!  And I realized it thanks to a doctor friend who, having read about my frustrations over not finding a durable vehicle for my peculiar elder support energies,  sent me list of positions she feels are suitable for my skills & experience.

Alas, how little she knows me.  My background does not leave me well-suited to be an activities director at either a continuous care retirement community nor at a senior center.  As for signing up with an agency like “Visiting Angels,” she doesn’t grasp that while my mother & John’s got up there in years – 91 & 87, respectively – neither ever was what would pass as “elderly.”  Until her last hospitalization, Mom only needed a slight assist – no serious mobility issues, no dietary problems, sound in mind & body, considering her age.  Ditto with John’s mother, who lived on her own until the day she died.   My friend sees us as massively effective in what we do, but doesn’t realize that we lived with aged parent who were elders without being elderly, that our only elder experience & sole strength is providing social enrichment that staves off or reducing the effects of dementia.

But my friend’s e-mail joggled the mega aha about using totally off-base language in asking what I want from myself & the Universe!  It now asks, “To release bodacious USE streams, flowing with purpose-surged energies.”

While money & durable income streams are important, serving essential yet undervalued uses has always taken the lead in my life v. settling for work that produces income without drawing on my strengths.  It will be awesome when the uses I ably serve connect with a commensurate income – it its time.  But I didn’t just memorize Consider the lilies…,” “Take no thought for the morrow…,” “For peace has in it confidence in the Lord…”;   I put my faith in them.

So, I will keep writing my blog posts & seeking ways to nurture connection & strengthen community ties & to deepen relationship, to forge stronger intergeneration bonds & improve intra-family communication, to say “Enough!” to alienation & collective numbing, to shake the Kool-Aid out of our ears & the lead out of our feet.  I will keep doing what I’ve done lo these many years – believing in every portion of my being that “Peace has in it confidence in the Lord, that our God leads all things to a good end.  When we are in faith of these things, we are in peace, for we fear no things, and no worries about the future disturbs us.”

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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