Breast milk, seriously? In which I make a rare foray into current events

It’s rare that I bring up current events on this blog, but today’s hot news about the USA’s weird (& wildly consequential) attempt this past May to weaken, then to block the introduction of a World Health Organization (WHO) resolution encouraging breast feeding seems noteworthy as beyond bizarre, especially as it unwinds to its end, which is either a) funky ~or~  b) makes perfect sense, depending on your ideological perspective.

Mind you, the 05/28/18 resolution was about as uncontroversial as they come, based on eons of research that concludes – no surprise here – that mother’s milk is WAY better for infants than formula.  It reinforced governments taking steps to limit misleading, even flagrantly inaccurate marketing of “breast-milk substitutes.”

The US won a small “victory” – language supporting countries that tried to stop “inappropriate promotion of foods for infants & young children” was withdrawn from the final resolution – but our nation’s reputation took a beating as our nation’s representatives flat-out bullied Ecuador by threatening withdrawal of military support & imposition of financial penalties if it dared introduce the resolution, which left made other nations unwilling to take the lead.

Let the curtain rise on the fascinating denouement.  One brave nation rises to the occasion, steps up & acts on behalf of the world’s children.  Strangely – or not – that nation was neither bullied nor threatened in any way by the USA.  And the country that put the interests of infants & their mothers over corporate profits?  Drum roll please…  RUSSIA.

No idea why a story that supposedly unfolded in May is only now being reported, but it is well worth putting on your radar for its multiple outcomes:

  • The USA appeared to put corporate interests about the health of children & mothers.
  • It succeeded in weakening the language of the final resolution.
  • It flagrantly bullied, both militarily & financially, a sovereign nation that attempted to introduce the resolution.
  • Its intimidation tactics kept other nations from taking the lead.
  • Which left the way clear for RUSSIA to step up to the plate & be the white knight for infants & mothers around the globe.


Bottom line – the USA shredded any reputation the Trump administration might have for protecting children & families, deepened the image of the USA as a swaggering bully, and set up Putin’s Russia to save the day.

Funky?  Nah.  Makes total sense.

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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