Advice for Future Corpses (and those who love them) – hot off the presses!

One of those books that can’t wait for me to purchase & read – clearly have to promote it ASAP!

Was clued into it by today’s NY Times, which devoted a fair amount of print to its review, which included a heaping amount of praise.  Parul Sehgal, who admits to getting zoned out by today’s deluge of books on death & dying (“It’s very well to quail in front of the indomitable human spirit and all that, but is it wrong to crave some variety?“), finds Sallie Tisdale’s just-released Advice for Future Corpses (and those who love them)  “a wild and brilliantly deceptive book.”  Bring it on!

One of the all-time great opening lines – “I have never died, so this entire book is a fool’s advice.”  –  is fair warning that we are headed into some uncharted waters.

Clearly the reviewers are delighted with what Ms. Tisdale’s tale,  which weaves together her experiences as a Zen Buddhist, nurse & end-of-life educator to present her thoughts & theories through “enchanting prose (that)  searches as often as it instructs.”

Rather than wing my way through a pseudo-review of a clearly must-read book, will link you to Sallie’s Summer 2018 interview with Tricycle.   Not the typical beach read, but sure to catch everyone’s attention!

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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