Sort of a miracle – A Course in Well-Being

Oh my gosh – it feels like the universe has given me the very best sort of hug & kiss!  The other day, I discovered Andrew Parker’s PapaPals, which takes one of my dearest wishes – tagging up older people with engaging youngers – to heights I hadn’t imagined.  And now this – – joy of joys,  professor Laurie Santos, who gives Yale’s wildly popular course on HAPPINESS (1,200 students!),  is offering it on Coursera (starts May 21).  WHOOT  WHOOT!

This is a course that EVERYONE should take, especially people working with olders elders ancients, who too easily feel that happiness is behind them, that well-being means not falling, who needed their equivalent of more Frisbee throws & kicking back in the quad with friends.

I’ve loved Laurie Santos since first reading about her in January, when her course blew all expectations of enrollment out the window – ¼ of the Yale student body enrolled to learn how to bring more balance & happiness to their lives! 

What she offers on Coursera is available, with a certificate, for $49 ~or~ for FREE without.

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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