Getting past paunch

The amazing Margot Potter shared Mel Kobayashi’s review of her just-launched book, Fifty & other F-words.  It’s a terrific share & I totally agree with her.  And reading her, looking her up, checking out an Sixty & Me interview with Mel on the art of walking like a movie star – it all gave me pause.  Mel, Margaret, Margot – all three women have terrific jaw lines & their necks are clearly visible.

A fleshy paunch hides my neck.  Does anyone pay attention to women with paunchy necks?  It might sound weird, but was always aware that it didn’t matter how heavy my sister was, she always had a clear jaw line.  Even when I was fifty pounds lighter, my jaw line was soft, poorly defined.  When Mim lost weight, it went off her jaw first;  with me, it’s last.

And, yes – it does feel like women with paunchy necks are given less credibility.  It doesn’t matter with men.

Just wondering to myself – where are the influential women with paunchy necks?  Am I missing them or are they just not out there.  Does a paunchy neck relegate a woman to the background?  Am wondering.

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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