The Grace In Aging spans ages (includes audio link)

Kathleen Dowling Singh’s Voice of America interview is an interesting listen that doesn’t convey the power of her book, a wise read for anyone at any age, filled with relevant messages that bridge the age spectrum.

The full title is The Grace In Aging – awaken as you grow older.  Here’s my take, from what I’ve experienced & seen ~ ~ if you’re not awakening as you grow into your twenties, thirties, forties, fifties, waiting until you’re 60+ to start is bound to be a struggle.

It’s true that moving past 50 & then 60 changed my perspective: lightened it at 50+ & deepened it at 60+.  But I was raised in a faith that encourages self reflection from childhood, growing in depth as we edge upward in years; pondering how well our walk matches our talk, how well the life we live is reflective of what is taught in the Bible, so study & contemplation were part of my daily practice early in life.

I can testify that introducing a key practice to my life at sixty-six is a lot harder than in my younger years.  My head gets that a daily practice of meditation, yoga moves (yes, chair yoga does have significant benefits), and movement will significantly benefit my life & well-being, but a lifetime of being okay with a sedentary nature makes it a tough go.  Am certain I’ll get there, but it is a struggle.

The wisdom in Kathleen’s book is important & should be shared, discussed, with youngers.

If I’d read this book in my thirties & forties, it would have affected how I experienced my mother, other older loved ones & friends, made me more aware of their wisdom & perspectives.  It would have changed how I saw LIFE.

Last night, I read the book with the thought, “Would this book have added value to my days if I’d read it at twenty-sixas it does now?” & my answer was, “Yes.”

It is a book for youngers & olders to read contemporaneously, discuss & savor, fulfilling the title of appreciating the grace in aging, whether we are twenty-six, sixty-six or ninety-six.

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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