Three cheers for ENCORE FELLOWS, which helps place business savvy employees together with nonprofits in need of help but lacking the $$$ to bring them onboard.  Thanks to the program’s deep bench of talent, knowledge & skills, over 1.600 corporate professionals with the know-how have been tagged up with organizations supplying heart & hope.

To quote Next Avenue’s shout-out to the initiative, “Encore Fellowships are a model for the kinds of talent innovation we need more of. Call it adaptive reuse for the human-capital set.”

Nonprofits look to Encore Fellows for fresh approaches to their mission, new ideas, different ways of looking past the trees to the forest.  Even developing ways to create more income!  “Fellows understand how to navigate organizations, how to mentor, and how to put an organization’s mission — or a team’s goals — first.”

Some heavy hitters in today’s workplace – including IBM, HP & Intel – offer employees transitioning into retirement year-long, part-time Encore Fellowships, helping them segue their gifts into a new showcase, a win-win for them, their employees, the individual nonprofits & their communities.

Great description – “More corporations should take the cue from these pioneers and unleash the human capital needed to help bridge the gaps that divide our communities in so many ways.”

As Boomers enter their 70s, more are noticing how few companies are picking up the ball in prepping employees for what comes after they say adieu.  A missed opportunity needing attention, action & remedy.

We’re going to be in sorry shape if it turns out we’re graced with longer life & little to do to fill it.  Companies help people prepare financially for retirement;  programs like Encore Fellowships provide ways to prepare how to put those days to use!

Encore Fellowships seems an excellent way for big business to give back to their communities while helping their employees transition to a rich & rewarding 3rd act.  Its innovative approach to connecting brains & business brawn with the social-impact organizations throws down the challenge for other businesses & institutions to find ways to help the current groundswell of retirees become solution providers & creative innovators, showing youngers the power of the 3rd Age to benefit our communities, our nation, the world.


Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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