a CREATIVITY JAM for Age Justice – May 15

(originally posted on TheWholeElderCatalog.com)

What IS “A Creativity Jam for Age Justice“?  It celebrates the rich creativity that is natural as we age ever upward, our length of days & wealth of experiences opening up deeper awareness & fresh perspectives unimagined in our earlier years, especially in go-go mid-life.  And it sheds light on ageism, a cultural blight that sees olders elders ancients as winding down instead of gearing up.

Ageism restricts the natural flow of energies between generations & does its best to shut down the voices & views of elders.  I think of my 89-year old mother, responding to a pair of young nurses who were shocked & appalled at her admiration of a dashing doctor – “Hey, I might be old, but I’m not dead!

To the last, Mom’s life belied the stereotypes that tag too many American olders elders ancients (her term), but she was still acutely aware of the harsh prejudices that many in their “upper register” face every day.  Although generally blessed with remarkable doctors, there were a couple with whom she had to be VERY firm, or they would brush off symptoms as “what to expect from an old person.”  She’d be horrified that after I was bounced from the company where I was Employee of THAT Year, then locked out of the corporate world, in spite of a great resume & all sorts of current kudos, because I was 50+.

The Creativity Jam celebrates ALL creatives of the 3rd Age, from painters & sculptors to quilters & crocheters, dancers & singers, musicians & the storytellers, and welcomes children along with adults letting their Inner Child out to play.

An aside – – while it’s been fairly easy to line up art for the exquisite gallery space, getting performers on board is an unexpected challenge.  We are a month out & only three have signed up!  That surprised me.  Is it possible that olders with great voices & musical talent are reluctant to show off their stuff?  I have no fear that we will wind up with a terrific program, but it has been … interesting.  Along with wonderful artists who have declinedd because they “don’t do shows any more.”  Not that they haven’t created over the past years, but they don’t show.  Not sure what that says, but I feel it says something.

All will be FABULOUS in the end!  Love that we’re showcasing all manner of creatives – am ordering a loaf of bread, the show piece of a master baker, from Jennifer.  If Chara wasn’t still in her mid-50s, would include one of her gorgeous apple pies.  All sorts of creations & creatives!

To me, Age Justice celebrates EVERY age, from just-born to soon-to-depart & everything in between.  It’s about seeing the best in others where they are now & doing what we can to help all ages be all they can all the time.  It’s individual & inter-generational.  It’s youngers respecting grands & grands respecting youngers.  It’s employers appreciating the value of 40+ employees – I wasn’t a techie like my younger co-workers, but I had the institutional memory & elder smarts to be the one top brass sent clients threatening to walk, because I’d listen to them, let them know they were heard, make them feel valued… and keep them in the fold.

Age Justice is about obliterating the dividing lines & creating alliances across the age spectrum.  It’s about waking young’uns in their teens twenties thirties up to their “elders” being their natural ally not their enemy.  It’s about giving mid-lifers a better sense of the bonuses & blessings of aging ever upward.  About helping all youngers prepare for a great & glorious 3rd act.  It’s about squashing the ageism too often embedded in the elderly, giving it the boot & replacing it with a keen new awareness of all the bounty the 3rd Age is eager to deliver.  It’s about collaboration, cooperation, connection & community.

Here in the Greater Philadelphia area, the evening we’re holding as a sister event to the 05/15 Rally for Age Justice in NYC’s Union Square is a Creativity Jam celebrating the amazing energies & output of men & women who are 60+  (okay – we have one who turns 60 in June).  Be there or be square!

A  CREATIVITY JAM for Age Justice   

showcasing  artists, singers, creatives  of the 3rd Age (60+)

One night – Tuesday, May 15    7:30 – 9:00 p.m.

1725 Huntingdon Road, Huntingdon Valley   (across from the June Fete Horse Show ring)

For information, contact DEEV at MurphArt@aol.com

This FREE evening is a sister event to A Rally for Age Justice, Union Square, NYC.  For information on the rally, check out the  Radical Age Movement on Facebook or radicalagemovement.org

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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