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Yes, I’ve written before about the voice that above all those experienced at last week’s Masterpiece Lyceum/Positive Aging Conference affected, enflamed me.  The fellow  from an organization I’ve revered for almost twenty years who approached me about getting involved in its marketing team. It wasn’t my almost quarter century in public relations he sought or my ability to help the invisibled feel seen.  He was enthusiastic about my energies. Put them in a new bright shining light.

STILL haven’t heard from him. Maybe he had second thoughts on returning to his home base, maybe he’s just super busy.  Whatever – simply talking to him about the possibility, about what the organization needs & what the world needs from the organization, shook me awake to a new view of  “aging,” a term that’s confused me for many decades.  We’re aging when we are eight months, eight years or eighty!

What’s meant by the word “young” is FIT, what’s meant by “aging” is UNFIT, which is weird because a lot of people 65+ are healthy & raring to go while a lot of folks under that age, under forty & thirty, are mentally & physically flabby.

We’re living years longer than our parents, many more than our grandparents, yet youngers seem to see those years are lacking a purpose that, sadly, too many of them don’t feel, lacking opportunities to live boldly, to have a hollowed out being shackled to a debilitated body & a demented mind.  YIKES!

Those of us living in these still United States of America circa 2018 find ourselves in a conundrum:  the apparent primary use of olders – to be the carriers of our history, the fount of family connection, the person whose fishing skills or apple strudel help keep siblings connected – is ebbing away, BUT their ultimate use – sources of a long view, of sage advice, of wisdom – remains as strong as ever, just increasingly harder to access.

The offer of a position in an organization I revere was one of those, “Your mission, should you chose to accept it...” moments, a unimagined major life purpose suddenly revealing itself – if I have the guts & audaciousness to catch hold of & run with it.  Expanding rather than changing my goals to include the broader audience, which makes total sense for someone writing a blog titled All Ages, All Stages.  That’s my audience demographic target-audience ~ ~ EVERYONE, from toddler to ancient.  Opening minds, expanding experiences, creating fresh awareness & appreciation.

Have absolutely NO idea what any of that means, but excited as I wade even deeper into a terra incognita I’ve gotten used to exploring.  I continue to feel like Sam Beckett in the last episode of Quantum Leap, where he learns that far from ending, the leaps will be getting even more challenging, something he didn’t think possible.


Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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