Zooming awareness that WISDOM ROCKS!

Waking youngers up to the gifts tucked into aging ever upward, which are not just a nifty bonus to aging, but the #1, Big Kahuna reason for aging – period.  That, as a national culture, too many have woefully forgotten that fact.  That modernization increasingly pushes us away from this glorious reality, but that anyone who has seen MOANA knows in their heart to be true.  Toddlers know it, teens know it – it’s only when we get to our “too-cool”  mid-upper teens that too many begin to forget, to distance & dismiss.

Youngers seem clueless that there IS  a reason for aging – one which has been strained in this increasingly cynical cyber era, these disdainful digital days. Olders elders ancients need to be more available, which might mean a cooperative effort, collaboration between generations & within communities.

Cooperation, collaboration, community – three buzz words of the 3rd Age; a time that  has always been used for stepping back, reassessing, seeing the bigger picture.  When we have fewer immediate distractions, more time to contemplate, and when many of us have the greatest incentive to think more deeply – grandchildren.

Our nation is increasingly unaware of the value of wisdom & the importance of our elders.  It is hard to find anyone under 60 who sees the gifts of aging as a blessing, who embrace the challenges as opportunities, who feel in their hearts that – in many essential ways – the best awaits us.  If we have the clear sight & the liberating knowledge that our life was no created to wind down as we age ever upward; if we accept & truly understand that we not created to just grow older, but to grow wholer.

My thanks for the possibility of working with a group that’s already rocked my world. No matter what happens on that front, my life shifted changed expanded.  I am a woman with a new purpose – to help youngers rediscover in their hearts the full awareness that WISDOM ROCKS!

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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