The power of partnering with the Universe

And living without a net!  Actually, you can’t do the one without the other.  The Universe refuses to partner with net-clingers.

At July’s IAGG, an otherwise reputable gerontologist suggested that I should propose a presentation for the next World Congress (Buenos Aires 2021).  Which put the idea of submitting a presentation proposal for the 2018 Lyceum Positive Aging Conference.  Which I did.  Which is why I will be presenting Conscious Aging in two weeks, in Philadelphia, paired with the awesome Connie Corley.

Hey, the Universe not only partners with me – it LOVES me.  Proof positive – – being paired with experienced known respected Connie, who brings not only a wealth of knowledge, but who is so alike in temperament & style.

Connie could have been paired with a hard ass for detail & pre-planning;  I could have ended up with someone who needs to have everything worked out to the nth degree weeks before the conference.  Instead, we’re meshed with a kindred spirit, each with enough knowledge & passion about our topic that we’ll get a feel for the room, then zoom off on whichever tangent works best for THEM instead of for us.

Oh, the power of partnering with a loving generous free-wheeling Universe!

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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