“When Outside Factors Determine Retirement Age” NYT 01/09/15

An “ancient” posting of mine, over on older2elder, took me to an excellent 2015 New York Times article,  When Outside Factors Dictate Retirement Age.  Even more relevant today as on 01/09/15. As a member of the Radical Age Movement, Leslye Evans-Lane’s story leapt out at me.

The article describes the 60-year old board-certified academic coach as being ” in a situation where retirement might be the graceful choice.”

I was curious – what would inspire such a “graceful choice”?

Ah, it was a tale that’s all too prevalent in today’s culture.  Not a lack of ability & skills, but a limited expectation & frankly insulting assumptions of what an older person brings to today’s workforce.  The person choosing to exit gracefully isn’t the only loser – so is the company that could have gained from having talents teamed with experience.

After a move meant a job search, Ms. Evans-Lane found herself unable to find one that made use of those talents & expertise.  It didn’t dawn on people interviewing her that she was digitally proficient & they assumed that her age precluded her from doing what she’d done to great acclaim for years ~ relate to 18-year olds. done that before.”Another potential employer told her that she “couldn’t relate to 18-year-olds,” she recalled.

How well I & others know her feeling of “shock, denial and depression.” She never thought her field could be so short-sighted by ageism.  Nor did I.

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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