Gretchen Addi is an beacon of stimulating ways for people of all ages & talents – especially creatives & innovators – across an unimaginably broad spectrum of talents & skills to open up innovative ways of approaching living celebrating contemporary aging.

Today, ANYONE can step up & make mega shifts in, astonishing new ways of living expansively across the age spectrum, from new born to end of life.  Every age should be a celebration, every person can find a way to make the lives of olders elders ancients in their orbit  be as vibrant, expansive & self-expressive as possible. Everyone.

And many youngers & olders who weep & wail because they’re shut out of the job market due to inexperience or ageism can look around, consider what they might be able to contribute to the changing environment around aging ever upward & find a niche waiting for their particular talents, perspectives & experience.

In the eldercare (r)evolution, brilliants & inspireds like Gretchen Addi are leading the way for everyone to make a difference, from something as complex as designing new living arrangements that spark connection & nurture expansive living to giving a smile & a hug or a hullo to the older person down the block.


Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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