Live full throttle, because we don’t know

Friday’s New York Times included an article by a columnist sharing the news that he went to bed “seeing the world one way & woke up seeing it another.”  He suddenly went blind in one eye & has been told it could happen with the other eye, leaving him totally without sight.

Go to bed with the world as its always been, awake with into a new reality you never saw coming.

His share made me think of two young friends – parents with little children – who are facing dire medical crises.  One knows her condition is terminal – she greets each morning with the joy of the 24 hours just spent in the arms of a loving family & a fiercely protective circle of friends, looking forward to the day.  The other is doing everything in his power to get his once-robust, now frail body to the point where it can endure a life-giving procedure.

Both are amazing examples of living each moment, of taking nothing for granted, of being in the now.

The author & my dear young friends are reminders that our minutes hours days are wasted without full-throttle living.  Those two young parents are wringing everything out of every moment they have right now, doing what they can to ensure many more while putting their trust in God.

We are not created to live half-lives, to stay close to the shoreline, to play it safe & risk as little as possible.  We are created to be bold, to unfurl our sails & set out for wondrous destinations.  Our journey may be short, it may be long, but – to switch analogies – we will fare well if we live each moment with full awareness, at full throttle.

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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