Whiffling through my bookcases

One great way to prep for the Positive Aging Conference six weeks from now (!) is to kick off a serious browse through my well-stocked bookshelves & share some of my favorite authors with whoever is out yonder, reading this.  So, here’s what’s coming up – each week, will pick a book, browse through it’s corners-turned-down, yellow-highlighted pages, & share favorite bits & pieces.

Started to do that with the books that helped get me from where I was to this amazing NOW, but ground to a halt after realizing I’m meant to LIVE what they taught, not review it.  Besides, the boodle of books that made a huge difference in opening up my life are not going to have the same oomph for another reader – self development is highly individual, the antithesis of cookie cutter solutions!

The  books by Gene Cohen – Dayle Friedman – Wendy Lustbader – Ram Dass – Atul Gawande & other leading lights in the elder care (r)evolution are anything but cookie cutter, but each IS essential reading for people involved on all sides of the caregiving equation.

Bear with me as I whiffle through my bookcases & share the wondrous wisdom insight clarity of authors who opened my eyes -and- touched my heart.

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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