Nan-Gocky-Gramster – babysitting grandma!

Mom did many things for pleasure that – we now know – are great ways to help stay fit & mentally nimble as we age upward.  Every day, she walked, she exercised, stayed in touch with near & far-flung family through letters visits phone, eat balanced meals & was never without the Inquirer crossword puzzle.  And she delighted in taking care of children, especially her grandkids.  Those seven trips she took to Australia to visit my brother Mike & his family were the highlight of those years.  She was there for both Scott & Karen’s births, helped out with housework & childcare on each of her extended stays.  I can only image those months felt like heaven on earth.

According to an article over on, data from a Berlin study on aging shows that olders who cared for children ended up living longer, even when the youngsters weren’t their grands!

Taking care of youngsters has another benefit ~~ the social interaction with kinder & their parents is great for brain health.  And developing caring relationships with olders elders ancients  yields awesome benefits for the youngers, providing greater stability & a stronger sense of having emotional support.

Makes sense that running often youngers keeps them on their toes & getting in the cardio, plus can help reduce stress.  But beware!  Without the right balance, olders who run themselves ragged & fret can find themselves exhausted – stressed – strained.

In caring for her grandchildren, in Ardmore or Berwyn, Coogee or Hurstville, Mom ~~ again ~~ put herself ahead of the elder health care curve!


Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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