Energy work & two pooches at Pike Place Market

Yeah, yeah, yeah – “there are no accidents.”  Sounds so trite.  But as the valedictorian at my sister’s 1980 NYU graduation said, “The reason it’s trite is because it’s right.”  Take the past few hours.

Five hours ago, I shared an adorable FB post & link – two couples walking with their dogs  through Seattle’s Pike Place Market were literally stopped in their tracks when the pooches made a beeline for one another, dropped to the floor for some serious playtime.  The couples were complete strangers, but it turned out the dogs were siblings, from the same litter, both brought into the country for adoption from overseas.

The joy in the dogs’ interaction, their complete connection with each other, felt delightfully familiar to me.  I commented, “this is so cool – there are people i feel this way about on first meeting, like we are long-separated siblings!”

It’s true – there are people I meet for the first time who make me feel like doing the human equivalent of rolling over with the sheer joy of recognition.  That was the meaning of what I wrote.

This afternoon, I had a luscious lunch with a dear friend.  As we were about to adieu, she asked me to watch her handbag while she adiosed to the ladies room.  Waiting for her, my eye caught – again – a trio sitting several tables away.

All through my meal, had been aware of them, a young man & his wife & someone who seemed older but I really couldn’t tell since the light beside her obscured more than size.  Sitting there by myself, something fully registered that had been flitting about my brain throughout lunch – the man was thoroughly enjoying himself with his two companions.

Being me, I went over to share how much I’d appreciated his pleasure in the two others – his wife & his mother-in-law.  After saying how much I’d enjoyed watching him almost preening with pleasure in their presence, the younger woman asked me if I was in energy work.

Her question stopped me in my tracks.  Am I in energy work?  Not like people who do Reiki, chakra healing or acupuncture, but YES – I am!

It gives me goosebumps realizing that the younger woman’s question came a few hours after seeing the two pooches of Pike Place Market, after I wrote (without realizing it) about my energy source recognizing kindred energy sources.  I’d never thought about it before, but getting the question so close to seeing those two dogs rejoicing in their reunion was world shifting, opened me up to an awareness that was both startlingly new & unexpected ~and~ familiar & fully anchored.

Pondering her question, I turned to look more fully at her mother.  The back lighting no longer blocked her.  I was amazed – her face, her attitude, her style sense all spoke of a high-energy spirit.  It was no surprise to learn she was a masseuse – natch.  Energy work.

Our paths might not cross again.  But I am forever grateful for the look of unfettered happiness on young man’s face, the younger woman’s question & the older one’s powerful presence.  Am storing up their energies, delighted at the chance encounter, empowered by their joy.

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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