If I lowered my laptop screen & moved my page-a-day You Are A Badass calendar, I’d see a beautiful mug purchased many years back at Borders – large, a lovely shape & an eggshell color, with Awaken in yellow script across the front.

This morning, at a wonderful Create a Crystal Clear Vision workshop led by the remarkable Christa Tinari.  Smiling, remembering the first time the two of us met, at a gathering of supporting creative under the bright shining Edie Weinstein – at Zen Den.  Christa & I immediately glommed on to each other as we realized that the three words that describe her work are “engage empower transform” & mine were “engage energize empower.”  Clearly kindred spirits!

It was delightful morning & early afternoon, a group of eight of us gathered in an art room of a local Montessori school, all of us – six women, two men – seated on very low seats at very low tables.  A creativity-burbling space & an intriguing mix of energies.

My greatest take-away from the day was realizing the undeniable truth of that mug, unseen behind my computer screen.  I have awakened.  Was about to write down, “Now, it is time to act,” when it hit me with a dazzling flash – I AM.

I am awake & doing.  Not just planning, not just prepping – I am empowered & equipped & take small sweet step after small sweet step.

Christa helped get me to that astonished aha.  When we first connected, years ago, she was just taking her own first steps toward realizing a dream – to be a singer.  She talked about it at the circle of creatives at  Zen Den.  She was stepping into something that felt unfamiliar, yet also like a homecoming; unknown, yet known to the very soul of her being.  And although she was simply a new acquaintance at the time, John & I went to hear her sing – twice – during those early days.  Now – wow!! She is an in-demand vocalist who holds her audience in thrall at her rich singing.

Now, Christa is there for me as I take MY first steps into what’s unfamiliar, yet feels like homecoming; my unknown, yet known to the very soul of my being.  What she shared today – on so many levels – was exactly what I need.  Not a kick in the butt to get moving, but the sure knowledge that others are by my side, that the Universe is not alone in having my back.

And at the back of it all is still Edie.  John & I went to a holiday party at Edie’s.  At the party, I got to talking to an engaging fellow named Tom who mentioned that a terrific band – Cherry Lane – was playing later that night at Puck.  On our way home from the party, we checked out the band, which was everything Tom described.  We sat next to two gals – twins – who LIVED the moment.  They wondered if Christa was going to be singing – which was how I discovered she often sat in with Cherry Lane.  At home, I checked out future dates for the band & discovered that Christa WOULD be be singing on 01/26/18  with the lead musician, at Perkasie’s  Chimayo Gallery, about an hour from Squirrel Haven.  Unrelated to the music event but possibly because Christa was on my focus radar, discovered yesterday about today’s workshop, signed up & plunked down the $45 for what turned out to be a wondrous start to winding down of a madly marvelous month that models all I want to accomplish within each of the remaining eleven.

From Edie to Tom to Cherry Lane to Chimayo to Christa to Christa to realizing an awakened, active ME.

Correction – said  “at the back of it all is still Edie.”  In truth, at the back of it all is the best, most glorious partner & committed awakener – the UNIVERSE, which constantly seeks to be invited in, to partner up with a conscious mind body spirit determined to awaken & act.  Thanks,partner – looking forward to more of the same great collaboration in the year ahead!


Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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