Jen Sincero explains why I went to IAGG

And to the 2014 National Center for Creative Aging Conference & Leadership Exchange.  I Went to the IAGG World Congress & to NCCA – even though neither seemed to relate to what I did at the time – because “What you focus on you create more of… Give as much as you can as often as you can, receive with gratitude & joy… raise your frequency & get in the flow, yo.” (from You Are A Badass At Making Money)

Although I couldn’t think of how I brought creativity to my work with older friends, I went to the 2014 NCCA Conference – not realizing until I was seated at the opening session that the organization is based on the work of the great, greatly missed Gene Cohen.  Didn’t realize until that first session that it was the first EVER national NCCA conference.  And I didn’t feel at that first session like I fit in with all those amazing, creative people.  But I did know that I’d found my tribe.  And the next year, I could see the creativity I brought to what I did; more than that, I’d discovered at the first how I was a walking resource for many of the creatives there, able to connect them to articles or other fantasticks I’d learned about through my seemingly endless reading & searching.  I focused on the energies of creativity, they were sent surging through my mind spirit soul.

Same with the IAGG World Congress.  A little squib like me, going to a gathering of 6000+ specialists in aging?  What did I have to offer?  What could I possibly take away from such a gathering of eldercare toffs?  “What you focus on you create more of…”  I met – and impressed! – Wendy Lustbader, reconnected with Peter Whitehouse & Rick Moody, introduced myself to Jo Ann Jenkins, talked to so many great & inspiring minds.  I didn’t know WHY it was essential to fly across the country to a $$$ conference in a $$$ city, but I went & came away feeling whole, integrated as I’d never felt before.

What you focus on you create more of...”  My response to the IAGG & all that continues to come from it is that the reason a sometimes practically penniless me went to Leading to Well Being conferences, to the NCCA conferences, to Positive Aging & to IAGG is that in being there, even when I questioned what there was to gain, I was putting myself into the the flow of LIFE energies that reached places in me that I didn’t know existed, that lifted me up & bore me along to fresh discoveries I never imagined.

The best thing I could have done was to irrationally attend conferences where I had no reason to be.  Because now I do. What you focus on you create.  I focused on the horizon, on unseen wonders, & have spent four amazing years seeing the astonishing created before my dazzled eyes.

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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