Innovation hatchery

Several years back, the adult child of one of our older friends described me as an “idea incubator & innovation hatchery” & challenged me to write down the hodge podge of fun ideas we often discussed over a sip & a nibble.

Had completely forgotten about that long ago challenge until just now, stumbling the unexpected – completely forgotten – treasure!

Strange to recognize the ideas as mine, but have no memory of the list or how it got to where I found it.  This long list of incubated ideas is looking for caring hearts & creative spirits to pick one or some, nurture them, hatch them out of the not-yet into the NOW:

tablet explorations
video games
trivial pursuit
traditional & digital scrapbook
favorite music cd
family cd
favorite hymns
volunteer together
mission statement
altered journals
personal code
plant a tree
family tree
life video
special moments jar
art party
clothes horse
family film fest
photo calendar
photo collage
family book club
audiotape children’s stories
legacy letters
day trips
road scholar
adult classes
laughter yoga
foodie fun
collect gardens
ball parks
dog parks
reusable photo advent calendar
photo memory game
mini albums
album in a box
simple accordian albums
photo book marks
polymer clay
school days through the years calendar
world events game
fashion statement figures
swim date at a local hotel
tai chi
qi jong
laughter yoga
sporting events
minor league teams
popcorn & netflix
vacation memories
family board game
family recipes
sports teams & major events
favorite books/comics

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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