Rx for Aging – for olders elders ancients & the youngers who love us!

A harsh reality of being a care giver how it is, by it’s nature, isolating work.  There were sure days between Mom’s fall & when she slipped from us when I could have used some back up, even if it was just an interesting ponder, a good laugh, or a timely tip.  Which is why I am making a page-a-day calendar for those in the trenches of  providing personal care.  To give a lift, a laugh, a tip on how to maintain balance in the midst of aging ever upward & to give caregivers of every stripe, from paid professionals, devoted family members, caring friends, a much needed respite from the stresses of the day.

There is no training for growing O L D, as my dear old Mother would say.  And show me a family member or friend who had any prep for providing care to someone who might just need a helping arm or much more.  There’s rows & rows of books at Barnes & Noble on parenting, nary a one on effective childing, on being a child care partner of a parent.  (By the way, the actions might change, with a son being chauffeur to a mom, but the roles should still be honored.)   Where in all the Business & Career books is there a section on becoming a top-of-the-line caregiver?  And although there are some books on “aging well,” too many of them are dreary & don’t say what needs saying – the best way to age well is to LIVE well!

Who wants to settle in at the end of the day & read a book on the best ways to provide dependent care?  Or how to avoid being a grumpy old man (unless it includes instructions on how to latch onto a older hottie like Ann-Margret)?  Most olders & ther youngers who care about them want to listen to their favorite downloads, not one on in-home care advances or advance directives.  Whatever the age or stages, they all need ways to get interesting insights on aging upward issues, a good laugh, a little fun.  I couldn’t figure out how to develop a first aid kit for increasingly dependent oolders & their caregivers, but a calendar can deliver relief 365 days a week flipping a just by changing a page.  Make way for Rx for Aging, a page-a-day flip calendar!

The calendar is designed to help olders & the youngers who care about & for them on their toes, take them out of their daily routine, interjecting some fun or a tip, an intro to an online article or an interesting author, interactive pages & maybe just a cat photo, backed up by an active online presence, where elders et al can share their own favorite quotes, tips & even photos.  By injecting a bit of play or banter or helpful information into each & every day,  those who are at any stage of aging upward & every sort of caregiver can kick back & perk up, if only just for a moment.

Bette Davis never spoke a truer line than “Old age is not for sissies.”  Ditto being a care giving adult child, loved one, friend or professional caregiver.  The agita around aging, especially in America, is no joke, but daily doses from Rx for Aging pages that engage & inform, that team up play & proficiency, it can be faced with grace grit & humor.

Rx for Aging – for olders elders ancients & the youngers who love us won’t save any lives, but it just might save someone’s day!

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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