thin slender thread – oldie/goodie post

The years confirm what I learned with my mother – we humans have a surprising tendency to bend over backward to make allowances for loved ones who treat us like dirt while taking for granted the ones who staunchly stand by us.  For some reason, parents seem particularly vulnerable to this weird but all too prevalent dynamic.

Count me among the lucky few who got to hear it acknowledged.  Most don’t & just have to deal with the blow-back that tends to hit the one who sticks around, is just there, without fanfare or flashiness.  Mom said yes, she would put up with anything to hold onto the thin slender hope that Peter & Mim would grace her with their presence.

As I mention in the “ancient” post, Mom never did change taking whatever came at her in order to hold onto that thin slender thread of hope.  She is not alone.  It is a weird part of our all-too-human nature that we tend to attach more worth & even substance to negative values than to positives.  (Dark-spirited people are commonly assumed to have more depth & intellect than sunny & bright folks; a consistently happy person is often thought to be a bit of a dim bulb.)

It is literally the nature of the beast & it wreaks havoc within families.  Be aware & beware!


Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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