“I speak intergeneration” – – – another oldie, still goodie

It’s fun, reading I speak intergeneration, a blog post whipped up three years ago.  So true, that life would be much easier if more of us learned how to speak intergeneration.

The whole intergeneration thing has become surprisingly super sizzling in our lives.  Yesterday, building on ahas that kicked in seriously on New Years Day, it hit us that the core problem within our relationship is intergenerational.

John graduated from Frankford High in June 1963, six months before JFK was assassinated;  I graduated from the Academy of the New Church in June 1970, a year after the Summer of Love.  It’s more than coming from two different generations – I grew up firmly rooted in the Therapeutic Age, he did not.  How we process info is very different, where we place importance in relationship is very different.

Both of us grew up thinking that a happily married couple settles into a cozy swing of things, a predictability that has SO not been the case.  Seems that the more progress we make, the bigger issues open up that need attention & lots of TLC.  Turns out, to make this relationship flourish to the max, we have to learn how to speak intergen with each other.   Did NOT see that coming!

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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