Beyond my imagination

No one epitomizes what I am working to draw out of my WOW nature into my life than my dear friend & nieceling-of-the- heart, KELLY.  If the name seems familiar, it could be because I mentioned her in a post last week, talking about how the challenge that drains my drive would do just the opposite with her, would send her immediately into focused, effective overdrive.

I’ve known Kelly’s mom since high school, her dad since I was mid-way through college (he already had his masters).  Felt from our first meeting that Dave was my brother from another mother!  I love all their children to pieces, but the fact that Kelly spent most of her college years a hop skip & jump from Squirrel Haven lends a special bond to our friendship.

At this moment in time, Kelly is a core role model.  She embodies so much of what I am not BUT am learning to be – – a born & bred DOER, a Wise Next Step Taker, an ab fab Mom & resilient loving Army wife – a mega embracer of LIFE & all it offers.

Per Kelly, she chose the name of her blog – Venture2Learn – because venture equates to a journey &  she loves to travel, enjoys “leading children on adventures through a creative approach to education,” reaching out to a variety of learning, living styles.  In my terms, her radar is always searching for the next way to reach out & reach in.

The layers of Kelly’s life put the best trifle on the planet to shame!  Army wife of the love of her life, mother to three remarkable kids, daughter, sister, supportive friend, healthy lifestyle advocate,  teacher & educator, creative, Rodan+Fields consultant/team leader, role model to countless people in countless ways & so much more.  The layers seem endless, all concocting a special person I’m blessed to have known all of her life, who mirrors many of the DIY mechanics that clamor to be inserted in mine.

Kelly’s made a success of her marriage, her parenting, her broader family & friend relationships, her teaching & her Rodan+Fields career because she takes each of them close to her heart.  She deeply cares about the people in her life, from her husband to her students to her R+F team, her friends & family.

I know this lass & everything starts with her thinking on ways to achieve wholeness, balance, in others’ lives as well as her own.  From what I can see, Kelly didn’t go into R+F to build an income stream or make a name for herself – she did it to help people connect with products that provide healthier skin, a healthier self image, a happier life.

What Kelly advises about how to promote a R+F party is a beautiful description of herself.  She is authentic, the real deal.  And she makes things personal.  The only cookie cutters this gal uses are for sugar cookies!  What you see in her advice is what you get with the woman.

As I step fully into the week, will keep in mind the steps Kelly outlines in her posting:

  • Schedule.  As Kelly recognizes, some people do best winging it.  I grew up thinking that was me.  Not so.  Took me 65 years to figure that out, that – like Kelly – I do best planning ahead, scheduling my week a ways out & breaking down daily what I want to accomplish or work toward each day, core steps which give me time to do things well & have fun doing them.
  • Be authentic, genuine & personal, open & welcoming.  Let doing your best be the goal, not how others perceive receive respond to it.
  • Plan!  Little did I guess over my first half century that I am a many drafts person!  That I like to lay out plans long before they’re required, love to tweak & build & polish.  And to have a final product – in my early days, completing a project wasn’t a must do.  Seriously.
  • “Keep them engaged.” Amen & hallelujah!  Kelly writes “Who doesn’t love free products & gifts?”  More than the gifties, is the sense of being special.  The best way to make someone feel special, to engage with them, with others?  Make them feel visible & valued.  To show her appreciation, Kelly puts together gift sample packs & a terrific grand prize (who wouldn’t want a “winter survival goodie basket”?), to let the people who love the R+F products she offers know they are loved right back.  One of the reasons John & I do so well in the work we love is through our own goodie bags of genuine caring & thoughtful attention,  the grand prize – good old-fashioned friendship.
  • Follow Up.  Once a moment is over, circle back to it. Build on it.  Go deeper broader wider.  Don’t gear down – keep going.
  • What If?  Kelly’s last step – – stay open to the unexpected, the unpredictable.  What if someone asks you to do something incredible but totally outside your comfort zone?  Or you come up with a world-shaking idea?  Or if you find someone who takes aspects of what you do to an even higher level – do you ignore them?  Do your best to sabotage?  Or become their best cheerleader & be grateful to be able to turn your energies to unmet needs?  The coolest thing about “What if…” is that we don’t know what it will be, only wonder what might happen if we choose to do nothing.  Semper Perge – always forward.

Forty-one years ago, as the Lockharts & Zeiglers waited with WOW excitement for her arrival, never ever would I have been able to predict what a huge influence my Kelly Girl would have on my life.  Not as Puck, not as a college student determined to reach her teaching dream, a highly honored student at that; not as a beautiful bride, devoted & resilient wife,  creative & loving mother.  None of those Kellys prepared me for this woman whose focused drive jump starts my own,  helps save me from sporting a wishbone where my backbone ought to be.  Kelly is beyond anything I could have imagined holding her in my arms all those years ago.  Am blessed beyond belief.

The best way to show my gratitude is to produce results, so here I go, inspired by her spark sparkle determination.

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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