Never bank on “tomorrow”

In clearing out The Retreat from the holly & the ivy of its Christmas finery, came across a stunning card designed by an artist friend, the corner of a sumptuously detailed Chinese building.  Am keeping it in easy view to remind me to never bank on doing something later, on delaying to tomorrow what I can do today.

The card was purchased to send to the artist, Richard Redd, a dear friend & a great lover of all things Chinese.  We first met Richard in his early 80s, just as he was preparing to move from his home in Bethlehem, where he’d spent his entire career as an art professon at Lehigh University.  Over the past 2+ years, his life turned into something none of us could have imagined as we had a grand time socializing on the terrace overlooking his lovely property, his beloved Pomeranian, Bronzi, never far from his side.

I am not sure how long he’d lived in a senior care residence by the time we reconnected in late winter 2017.  I do know how radically his life had changed from those summer connects in 2015.  The card was meant to put him in mind of happier days, of treasured friends visiting the USA, of long-ago drives down the River Road to unforgettable dinners in New Hope.  How many times John & I heard about those priceless moments.

The plan was to send the card when it could mean the most – in the heart of our cold SE PA winter.  The card is here, but Richard slipped from us almost two months ago, going out inexplicably & wondrously, on the crest of a wave.  Instead of harboring wasteful regrets, will keep it – and Richard – close at hand, always & forever remembering to not delay, to not put off what can be done today to some tomorrow which might never come.

Richard -thoughts of you, Bronzi & your beloved China are with us always.

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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