Growing older, going back to nature

As in going back to my natural state, which feels diametrically opposite to what was my lifelong nurture.

The difference between what I feel in my gut & what was ingrained in my habits was brought home today by two very different friends.  Cass Forkin is action personified – when she thinks something scathingly brilliant, her next move is to sketch out how to make it so.  Kelly Lucero is her kindred spirit – when someone lays down a challenge, her adrenalin kicks into overdrive.

Where they sprint to the fore & set out to prove their mettle, my response – for 60+ years – was to go to ground.  Or at least to THINK that’s how I respond.

Listening to Cass this morning & reading about Kelly’s jaw-dropping accomplishments as a leading Rodan+Fields consultant, thought to myself, “I wish that was my response,”  immediately going into “that’s not me” mode.

What a bunch of hooey!  One of the terrific things about being 65+ is being able to pause (5-4-3-2-1) & assess the years.  It’s no wonder so many people have been so massively frustrated with me over the decades – my default was to blow off all the great things I’ve accomplished & focused on the long-ago disappointments.  Duh! When I consider all that I/we – separately & with John – have accomplished over the past nine years, when I look at my achievements at USHealthcare & Prudential HealthCare & BISYS Financial Services, when I remember the note I  received last week from a woman I taught almost 40 years ago – ” You were one of my fav teachers! It sounds wonderful what you are doing now, but I thought you were a fantastic teacher as well” –  it’s hard to see how my self image got so thoroughly gunked.

My reality is that shrinking instead of leaping IS ingrained in my dna.  As Bill Murray shouts out in STRIPES,  That’s a fact, Jack!  That being so, take to heart how Sgt Hulka’s men – a bunch of actual (okay, fictional) slackers if ever there were – responded in THEIR moment of crisis.  Commit & get with the program, producing results while doing in a unique style with stunning verve.

Trisha Gallagher, Edie Weinstein, Tom James,  Cass Forkin, Kelly Lucero, Yvonne Kaye, Janie Lemole – – look at the ASTONISHING people who have touched my life in just the past three weeks.

Somebody said that as we age, people become more of their true self.  I think of my mother, who in her late 80s & early 90s, came into (if I may be so bold as to make a judgement) her true self, a build on the person she was when Dad was alive, but from within herself instead of through him.

With examples like Cass Forkin & Kelly Lucero before me – and Mom always leading the way – here’s looking forward to nurturing my true nature, drawing out (dragging, if necessary) my rise-to-the-challenge inner action figure!


Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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