Longer years, deeper sight

A friend commented about my just-written piece on the importance of LIGHT – – “What a great idea of a year long, celebration shifting tree!

In this case, creativity sprang from my mother’s spontaneous sighs.  And that hyper sensitivity to catching that sigh is the very thing that makes me good at providing elder support – I was trained to be attuned to a subtle sigh, catching the rolled eye or sagging shoulders.

Mind you, I learned to pick up such clues for pretty pathetic reasons:  Mom & my dominant sibs were non-verbal ~and~ both sibs were loathe to openly request anything; my happiness depended on picking up on vibes & the most subtle gesture so they didn’t have to feel they were in my debt.

Who knew that heightened sensitivity  would be exactly what’s comes in so handy in this work I love; as much as they get a bad wrap for being demanding, the truth is that most of the olders elders ancients I know are loathe to ASK for something, for fear of feeling at risk needy less.  Especially less.

It’s a cool thing about being 65 – so many things that seemed lousy in my life turn out to have been awesome training for my here & now!

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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