What you NEED is badass* love

To me, THE most interesting thing about You Are A Badass is how most of the chapters close with a number of points to ponder & put into action.  And each list ends with “LOVE YOURSELF.”  Because without that as your starting point, nothin’ positive is going to happen.  You could become a super zillion billionaire, but without a sense of love respecting honor of who YOU are, it will mean zilch.

The weirdest thing of all the weird things in my life is that my sense of self-loving remained whole & healthy through all the funk that strolled next to me.  I know that because of never faltering in my faith that better was possible.  That’s the weirdest of the weird because NOTHING in my life gave the slightest clue to the wonderfulness of being okay with yourself.  Not cocky smug complacent, but accepting that you are enough & capable of wondrous wowness.

Even when it felt like I had zilch self-esteem, when I felt that I was zip compared to sibs & others, deep deep deep inside was a unfurled rose of aliveness.  And here is Jen, wrapped in her glorious badassery, saying, “Yeah, baby – it starts & ends with loving yourself.”  Zipadeedoodah & ZOWIE!  The key is being okay with you  ~AND~ going flat-out to be your best version possible.


Defining BADASS –  a person who is independent & competent enough to do what they want, regardless of whether it’s popular, or even allowed.  A badass is someone who rolls up her sleeves, knows what she wants to do, is open to the risks & flat-out goes for it.  Who can laugh at themselves while taking their pursuit seriously, love themselves & others, who are wise enough to “rejoice in the cosmic ridiculousness” of it all.


Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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