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The closer we get to Christmas, the closer I feel to Mom!  Thank heaven (literally) for her Mindwalker1910 e-mail postings!
Subj: more Christmas heart
Date: Tue Dec 26 22:05:06 EST 2000 

A memory popped up last night, so vivid it felt as if it happened the other day, not over 50 years ago. 

When Mike was around 5 years old, my mother took him Christmas shopping. Mike had the grand sum of $3.00 to spend on presents for his family. He spotted a rhinestone broach that struck him as just the ticket for his Mom. It cost $3.00. His Gran tried her best to talk him out of it – he would have spent all he had on one gift – but Mike would not budge. 

As Mother told it to me later, he stood his ground and looked her straight in the eye and declared, “If I want to spend all my money on my mother, that is what I am going to do.” He did, too.

Of all our children, Mike has the most down-to-earth concept of money. When he was 17, he informed us that we were not to buy him any more clothing, that it would be his responsibility. He joined the Navy while he was as senior and sent directly into full service straight out of high school. He’s supported himself ever since. 

Mike was not always so. Before he was 15, money burned a hole in his pocket. As soon as it came in, it went out. What turned him around was wanting to go out to California to visit the Ripleys for the summer and work on the ranch. To get there, he had to earn the money for the trip out and back. 

That did it. 

Mike watched every dollar, quarter, dime, nickel and penny. 

Today, Mike is a thrifty Scot, getting good value for money spent. He likes to save, to spend wisely, to splurge judiciously. Noble traits.

Love to all – Mike’s Mom

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