VIRTUAL GRANDMA – Christmas Gift #14

Virtual Grandma, by Alison Hillhouse,  could be a) a great stock stuffer for “grandparents, aunts, uncles, godparents, overseas military parents, traveling parents, and friends” (per the front cover) who already have a computer or tablet ~OR~  b) the perfect add-on if you’re planning on giving one to any of the aforementioned folks.

As I wrote in my glowing Amazon review, Virtual Grandma is “Practically perfect in every way! Short & not-too-sweet, Virtual Grandma is small enough to not intimidate, clearly written enough to register with the most tech timid, reality-based rather than airy fairy pipe dreams. Best of all, the ideas it shares are bound to give grands the confidence to come up with new projects to share with young kinder… and their own friends. Virtual Grandma gets five stars not only for what it shares, but for the doors it opens to more, much more.

Hard to imagine a better person to present a how-to on virtually connecting than Alison, who is the mother of a young son & VP, Youth Culture & Trends, MTV.  And a marketing genius!  Her book looks just the way it should – the cover graphic of a child baking with Grandma (via tablet) is quietly outstanding;  love that the child seems to be in sock feet, which sends all sorts of comfy messages.

Confession:  Alison had me at her dedication to her son’s four grandparents, where she wished for Charlie, “Gaga’s random creativity, Big Daddy’s goofiness, Mimi’s attentiveness, and Papa’s eye for how things work.”  (Big Daddy & Gaga live in Missouri, while Papa & Mimi are in Texas – Charlie lives in the Greater NYC neck of the woods)

The ideas are inspired yet down to earth – not surprising, Gaga (Alison’s mom) was the fount of many, with others contributed by grands, aunt & uncles from all over the USA.

Imagining all the ideas getting sparked by this wondrous book – sure has me scheming & dreaming of virtual crafting & cooking workshops with beloved youngers in the UK, NC, TX, CA, LA & NSW!

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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