Loved one with dementia? Skip SKYPE! – holiday tip

Although Skype, FaceTime & other face-to-face computer apps are WONDERFUL for many oldsters elders ancients, it’s strongly recommended NOT using them with loved ones/clients dealing with memory challenges – – EVEN if a loved one has adorable children or a new baby they want Grandma, Poppy, or Auntie Nell to see.

Instead, give your older loved one a phone call OR send an audio recording.  Oh – and don’t include the little ones.

Am not being heartless.  It is very possible for someone with dementia to connect with a familiar voice – we sound surprisingly the same through the years – – but seeing Tommy at 35 is very possibly NOT going to register as the youngster she remembers.  And to include children in a phone mix can be especially disconcerting.

Today’s ability to “virtually connect” is a blessing to many, but to people grappling with dementia – not so much.  Remember to keep the focus on what’s best for the older – what feels meaningful to someone who’s sharp as a tack can be massively confusing for those struggling to process & understand.

Phone calls – great!  Audio recording – these can be special;  they can be played at any time (no scheduling a phone call), iincludes a way to get children involved by singing, reading stories or reciting poems (you can include favorite Christmas music, too).

But skip the Skype!

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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