Christmas Gifts #9-11 ~ Christmas lights extravaganzas!

These gifts are only collectible by friends, family, pleasant acquaintances & total strangers living in the Greater Philadelphia/Bucks & Montgomery Counties area.  They are three WOW! houses, decked out in mega style for the season.

GIFT #9 – Check out Manor Road, Hatboro, between Warminster & Montgomery Avenues.  Best approach is from Montgomery.  Small but mighty!

GIFT #10Springdale Avenue, Hatboro, a 5-minute drive from gift #9!  Coming out either Montgomery or Manor, turn left on Warminster Road, a 2nd left where Warminster ends at County Line, a 3rd left onto Springdale, 3 streets down.  Gob-smacker!

GIFT #11Grenoble Road, Warminster.  However you get back to County Line, turn left onto County Line, then take a right at the next traffic signal, onto Jacksonville.  Continue on Jacksonville, crossing Street Road & Bristol Road, turning left where it Ts at Almshouse Road.  Turn left & then take almost an immediate right onto Old Jacksonville Road – do NOT pay attention to the “Road Closed” signs.  Continue on Old Jacksonville to where it crosses Grenoble.  Turn left onto Grenoble (DO pay attention to the “Road Closed” signs on the other side of Grenoble- bridge is out).  There is an amazing house on the right that actually welcomes cars to slowly drive down & around the driveway.  While not as gaudy as the houses on Manor or Springdale, the opportunity to have such a close up view makes it my #1 choice of local decorated houses.  FYI – in front of the house, there is a place to give contributions to Ronald McDonald House.

Author: auntdeev

playfulness coach, life enthusiast & general instigator, ENTJ, cat lover

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